First, make sure your cell phone is connected to your camera. If you don't know how, follow those steps.

 1) In your camera's menu, click on Wifi-Fi/Bluetooth connection. You should see your already paired device. Select your device. 

2) Open the Exposio app

3) Select Camera ready to connect. If you don't see this screen, click on the upper left icon. 

4) Once connected, you should observe on your cell phone screen what the camera sees. 

5) If your image is not on focus, keep your finger few seconds on the preview screen. This will force the camera to focus manually. 


6) When you are ready to take your photo, press the white/grey circle. 

6) Your photo will now be in your gallery. 

Since you are not connected to Internet with the camera WiFi (unless you have agreed to use cellular data), you will have to wait until you are done with the camera to develop the photos.