Congratulations on the purchase of your PRO KIT SL3!

Here are the first steps to start using your camera SL3 with your Apple cell phone.

1) Charge the battery before use. It is not fully charged at the time of purchase. 

2) Once charged, insert the battery into the camera

3) The cameras sold directly by Exposio already have a basic configuration. They are ready to be paired with your cell phone. If your camera comes from another location, please make sure you have these settings.

4) In the camera menu, select Wireless Settings and select Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection. 

5) Select Connect to smartphone

6) Select Add a device to connect to

7) Select Do not display

8) Select Connect via Wi-Fi

9) When you see the Ready to connect screen, your camera is ready to connect to your  cellphone. 

iOS device configuration 

10) On your cell phone, make sure you are connected to the camera's Wi-Fi. 

If you are already connected to another Wi-Fi, it is a good idea to disable it because it may take over. 

11) Open the Exposio app. Make to be logged into your account. 

12) Open the menu on the upper right.

13) Select Configure my Pro Kit

14) Select your SL3 Camera

15) Select WIFI 

16) Select Next

17) Select Camera ready to connect

18) Your device will connect to the camera. 

Don't forget! Everything is now controlled by the cell phone. It is no longer necessary to take pictures with the camera buttons. For the manual focus, press on the image preview in your cell phone and for the picture taking, the big circle in the center. 

How to reconnect

Once your phone is registered in the camera, it is much faster to connect to the application. 

Here are the steps in the video: