For Mac, a third party application is required that is called Crossover. There is a cost associated with this but we will give you the exact same amount in Exposio credits.

The $39.95 USD license is sufficient to run Dakroom. 

However, if a new operating system from Apple is available and Crossover requires an upgrade, a new license will have to be purchased. 

Step by step guide

1) Download the Crossover softwareLink to Crossover

Simply enter a name and an email address to access the download. 

2) Download Exposio's Darkroom software. Dowload Link

3) Start the installation of Crossover. 

The computer will ask you if you really want to open the application. Click on open. 

4) Agree to move to the Applications Folder

5) Agree to check for updates automatically.

6) Click on Try Crossover to launch the 14-days trial version. 

Don't forget to purchase a license afterwards to continue using the software. 

7) Click on the three bottles on the top left to open more options. 

8) Click on the + button at the bottom left and on Add Bottle

9) Write Exposio Darkroom with Windows 7 as the bottle type. 

10) Create the bottle. 

11) While making sure you are in the Exposio Darkroom bottle, launch a command by clicking on the icon.

12) In browse, find the Darkroom installation file ending with .EXE 

13) Run the command.

14) Complete all installation steps by accepting all applications. Some steps may take a few moments. 

15) At the end of the installation, click on restart now. This will not shut down your computer

16) Close the command window by clicking on the red X button. 

17) You can drag and drop the Exposio Darkroom icon into your Dock-bar at the bottom of the screen. 

18) You are now ready to use the Darkroom software.