File Menu

New Project: This option will remove all the photos that are loaded in the Darkroom. If the photos have been processed/purchased, they will still remain in your account on

Loading photos from the SD card: This will launch the wizard to prior to the processing.

Load Photos: Load a single sequence manually.

Exit: This option will close the Darkroom software. These options are also accessible through the quick access bar:

Top Menu

1- New Project.

2- Loading the images from the SD card with the wizard.

3- Load photos.

4- Add an empty row: This will add a new row to use in case there is a grouping error.

The Tools Menu

Reset the preview window appearance: if the preview window isn’t displayed correctly. 

The Main Window

1- Show/hide global options: Click this option to expand/hide a menu where:

        2- You can (un)Select all by checking “Select all image sequences.”

        3- You can choose the default resolution for all photos: Web or Print. (You can change these settings in your account) 

4- HDR still row: This row contains an HDR still.

5- Recycle bin: Double-click to remove a single photo from a sequence. You can remove an entire row by double-clicking on the recycle bin to the left of the row.

6- Development selection box: Select/unselect photos to be developed.

7- Individual resolution selector: Choose resolution for the photo in the row.

8- Buy all selection box: Allows you to automatically check all the boxes under the photos.

9- Preview window: You can preview each photo by double clicking on the developed photo. A new window will open where you can fine tune your photo.

Fine tuning is applied only on bought photos and needs to be saved locally from the Darkroom. 

Note that those changes are not uploaded to the Exposio server.*

• Option available only with server to server connections

10- Name list: You can select the name of the room. If chosen, the room name will be included in the photo filename when saved. 

11- Client number: You can change the number assigned to the client. This will also change the number of each photo below it, if no number was assigned to them. The client number will be included in the photo file

name when saved. 

12-Individual buying selection box: Select/unselect photos to be bought.

13-Develop sequences: This will launch the development process on our servers. The processing time may vary depending of your upload speed. 

14-Scroll bar: This bar will let you see the full sequence. 

15-Buy HDR photos: This will confirm the purchase of all checked photos. All unchecked photos are available with the Exposio watermark in your account under "My HDR photos – developed." 

You can always buy them there later on The photos you bought are also available in your account under "My HDR photos bought" and the developed ones will be in the section, "My HDR photos developed"

16-Save selected photos: This allows you to save all the photos you bought on your computer.

Did You Know?

- You can install the software on more than one computer.

- You can later retrieve the photos you developed by logging into your account at