Grouping Errors:

Occasionally, there may be a grouping error.* If this happens, simply drag and drop the photo into the correct row. If 2 photos are on the same row, add a new row to separate them. 

*Grouping errors can occur when:

- The datasets are from a manual shooting.

- The photo shoot was interrupted by the user.

Fine tuning:

Once in the preview window, you have access to fine tuning tools.

You can use the sliders or you can use the field and insert a number between -100 and 100. 

By default all the photos processed by Exposio are at the 0 value. 

Here's some examples of every sliders.

As reference, here is the Exposio photos without any effect applied. 


AUTO: This option will automatically correct the white balance.

SAMPLE: Click on the pipette and then select on the photo a region that should normally be white. 

Example of a photo where the white balance is off.

Same photo once the white balance is corrected

CROP: Use this option to remove an area in the photo. Note that the cropping tool will keep the original ratio of the photo. 

RESET: If you wish to return to the default value. This option will reset all changes.

COMPARE: During the fine tuning, this option let you compare the modified HDR photo, with the original one. You can also compare the HDR photo with the photos that were used for the HDR processing. 

To change the comparison mode, you can click on one of the 3 options below the photo. 

If there are photos that you don’t want to buy, you can uncheck them in the preview window. 

You can also rename the photos.

By pressing on Save, the Darkroom will save a local copy of the photo with the modifications on your


By pressing on Close, the Darkroom will close the review window and bring you back to the main window.